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Psssst! We've got a confession to make. We think we might have a problem. We haven't told this to anyone before, but it's time. "We are The Gravy Train Poutine and we are addicted to Gravy". *Sobs into bowl*
                                *          *         *         *         *
At the Gravy Train, our motto is "If it ain't covered in Gravy, I ain't eatin." Not very catchy, we'll admit, but we're far better with food than with writingz. And plus, it gets right to the point - we're all about dat rich, meaty Ambrosia. Our gravy has taken on many guises since our inception in Summer 2015, but after innumerable pies, stews, Sunday roasts and toads-in-holes we've hit upon the best damn gravy this side of heaven. And we want to share it. Who likes keeping secrets anyway? Not us.
But it can't be just gravy right? Nuh-uh, no way, non. Gravy makes up just one part of the holy trinity of Poutine - Gravy, Cheese Curds and Fries; a melty, gooey, belly-warming delight from Quebec. Having snacked, snaffled and slurped our way through an ungodly amount of the stuff whilst travelling around Canadia Land, we got pretty good at all things Poutine and made it our Mission to bring this New World discovery to our peoples here in Britain and set up a stall in Sheffield. Since then it's gone well. So well in fact that we've opened up a second stall in London, allowing us to convert many more to the ways of Poutine-ism and satisfying the needs of believers up and down the country. 
And to those ex-pat Canadians who say, it's impossible to get proper squeaky cheese curds so far from home, I'm happy to tell you that ain't the case compadre. We. Make. Our. Own. Yep, the real deal, straight up curds. None of that mozzarella/cheddar masquerading madness. We got you right here. The search is over!
In the words of a certain Lieutenant, just one more thing. Traditionalists would argue that poutine is perfectly formed and needs no additions, and to those people I'd say "Gosh darn-it you're right!" But we're open to a little Charlie Mingus-style improv here at The Gravy Train so feel at liberty to load your Poutine with our Blasphemers' delights - Shredded BBQ Chicken, Mapled Bacon, Crispy Onions, Roasted Peppers, Choppy Cajun Slaw, Soured Cream, Sauteed Mushrooms, Gherkins and Curried Sausage.* 
Anywho, that's about enough from us. Get in touch via or on 07515568524 if you want us for a congregation of your own. 
*Subject to season. You know how it is - gotta keep it freshhhhh!
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